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If you are starting to see a lot of spiders in your home, there are probably many more hiding that you can’t see. Fairfield isn’t the only city that commonly encounters spiders because they extremely common just about everywhere in the world.

Spiders have eight legs with two body sections and three or four pair of eyes. A spider’s size can very greatly depending on what species it is. Most spiders in Fairfield are harmless, however there 2 poisonous spiders you should be aware of, the brown recluse and black widow.

How to Locate Them

Some spiders choose moisture and any location of a home that is damp and has consistent moisture. Other types of spiders like a drier, warm areas to hide, like corners of a room or inside air vents.

Spiders eat other bugs and often times when you are noticing spiders in your house, it is because they are after other bugs that have taken shelter in your home. So in order to get spiders to leave your home the best thing is to get rid of any other pests that are currently in your home. 

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Spider Removal

If you have spiders or indications of them, such as webs or egg sacs in your home it is time to take action. Discover more about our spider solutions and our pest removal guarantees by contacting one of our experts. If you believe you have encountered a poisonous spider, it is best to not try to kill it. Killing one of these dangerous spiders is not worth possibly suffering a dangerous spider bite. Instead call us and we will help you get rid of all of the spiders in your home.

We will treat the existing spiders and supply you with some practical suggestions that will help prevent them from revisiting in the future.

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