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You should always take caution when it comes to stinging pests and call our professional pest experts.

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Fairfield has a large number of unwanted stinging insects. Wasps have been an especially annoying pest that has been plaguing Fairfield lately. You can identify wasps by looking for two pairs of wings and a pinched midsection.

Similar to bees, some wasp species are sociable and live in colonies, sometimes made up of thousands of wasps. Female wasps are responsible for taking care of the nest and look after the eggs. Non-social wasp types prefer to live alone. These wasps may lay eggs, but they leave the eggs in their nest unattended.

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Two kinds of wasps are predatory and parasitic. Predatory wasps are not always a completely terrible type to have they consume lots of additional pests in close proximity as a way to feed their larvae. Parasitic wasps will lay offspring but not inside the nest. They them inside a spider or caterpillar so that when the larvae hatches it has continuous food because of the live host.

It is best to assume all wasps are hostile, as many are, because when they do become hostile they can be dangerous. Wasps have the capability to sting many times, not just one time if provoked. Although they seem to be irritating pests to have, wasps can sometimes help deal with other large bug populations around your home..

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