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Bed bugs are bugs that are difficult to get rid of. We’re devoted to helping the people of Fairfield, California get relief from any annoying infestations. Without help from a professional, getting rid of most pests can be a very strenuous and tedious process depending on the severity of the infestation. It’s necessary, as a pest treatment provider, to stay up to date on the latest methods and treatments in the profession. That’s why our pest control expert have regular training and attend annual pest conventions.

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Do not hesitate to get rid of bed bugs the infestation will multiply very quickly!

A majority of our customers wonder where they might have gotten bed bugs from. Here are some examples of places you can get bed bugs from:

  • Hotel rooms
  • Aircraft
  • Previously used Home furnishings
  • Movie Cinemas
  • Fitness centers
  • Public transit
  • Workplaces
  • Cafes

Get A Professional to properly eliminate them.

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It difficult to determine exactly where the bed bugs came from, but we’re here to help you get your home back regardless. Normally homeowners do not have a lot of success at getting rid of bed bugs without the assistance of a certified pest specialist who knows how to treatment of for them. Because bed bugs start reproducing quickly, we urge you to give us a call at the very first sighting of a bed bug. When you call us we will help formulate an exact plan to help you get rid of your problem and give you a free inspection.

Bed Bug Inspection

Even though most clients who call for information about our treatments currently have have a pest problem, if you would just like to prevent them we can still provide you with information about prevention plans to keep pests out of your home. By by calling and describing your situation to us we can better understand the extent of the invasion and also what methods should be taken before treatment. We will provide you with helpful information that will help you prepare for treatment solution.  Preparing for treatment helps to get rid of the bed bugs even quicker.

Our specialists will examine the room you first discovered the bed bugs, checking all the places where bed bugs tend to hide. The goal is to discover an signs of active bed bugs by looking for shed skins, eggs, or small patches of fecal matter. Finding any of these things will confirm there are bed bugs inside your home and we can create a solution depending on our results.

Plan of Action

After we’ve inspected your house we can come up with the best strategy to remove the bed bugs. Our technicians will discuss the treatment options you have based upon their findings and help you work within your budget. We realize you value your protection and your family’s protection, so we only use safe, environment friendly chemicals when treating for bed bugs.

Professional Exterminator

Once you have picked an approach our experts will start treating for the bed bugs. The bed bugs should only take a coupe of days to remove. You might also want to ask about our preventative plans to make sure that once the bed bugs are removed they wont come back.

More Details About Bed Bugs

You may have already done some research on bed bugs, if if not here is a rundown. Bed bugs are 4-5 mm long, flat, oval in shape and a red-brown color. Before feeding on blood they will be a brownish color but if you find one that has just finished eating or soon after, the bed bug will be more of a red color.

Bed bugs only require blood to stay alive, and they don’t require a lot of it. In fact, a bed bug can sometimes go up to a year without getting a meal. Bed bugs come out during the night while you’re asleep to feed on you. They will hide in any cracks or holes in the room such as behind electrical outlets, wall decorations, bedding, or even inside furniture.

Female bed bugs can lay between 1 to 5 eggs in a single day and over 500 eggs in their life-time. If they have a food supply bed bugs can live a very long time.

Signs of Bed Bugs

There are usually a of indicators that you may have bed bugs in your house. Actually seeing a bed bug is how most people often find out they have. Adult bed bugs are about the size of a small apple seed so it can usually be easily seen once it is out of hiding. Another sign that indicates an infestation is bed bug skin casings. Any time young bed bug matures into an adult,  it will lose its outer layer, leaving it wherever it may fall.

Bed bugs will also defecate often. So if they have chosen to hide in your bed mattress seams, you’ll discover dark spots. Waking up with several bites on your body can also be an indication of an infestation. But this isn’t always the best way to know if you have bed bugs because bites might be caused by a different pest entirely. So if you are waking up with bites, that doesn’t mean its bed bugs, having bites along with any of the other signs could very well be an indication of a bed bug infestation though.

Effective Treatment

Skilled Technicians

If you are ready to be free from bed bugs, you should call our specialists right away! We will discuss with you the methods that we often use and answer any questions you may have. The first thing that we usually do is execute an inspection of your home if you are not 100% positive that it is bed bugs causing the problem.

Call us at 707-419-3099 today to learn more about the things you can do to push back against the bed bugs. We are ready to help you get rid of your pest problem today!

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