Ant Control in Fairfield CA

Are you seeing an unusual amount of ants in or around your property? If you have attempted unsuccessfully to get rid of the ants by yourself, we are here to assist you and supply the relief you desire.

Fairfield Ants


Ants can be a very annoying pest; call our experts today!

Managing ants can be rather challenging which you are likely familiar with if you have experienced an ant issue before.

Thankfully, all it generally requires is determining the type of ant so you can efficiently handle it; not every ant remedy will be suitable for every type of ant.

Entry Ways for Ants

You are likely attempting to find out exactly where or how the ants are getting inside your house, however they don’t require a very big space to get through; any small fractures throughout the home are perfect entry ways for an ant. Once inside they go in search of oily or sweet foods which are usually in one’s cabinets or kitchen.

Fairfield Ant Tracks

Ants leave scent trails as they wander, leaving an unnoticeable substance that helps other ants to follow along the path as well. When they reach a source of food they turn around and follow their trail back to the other ants.

Ant Nests & Colonies

Ants can produce a nest just about anywhere in a home and likely in a place where you cannot easily discover them.

Ant colonies are typically big, ranging anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 ants in a nest. If the ants feel threatened they can quickly move the nest to another location. Worker ants can live as long as 7 years while queen ants can live up to fifteen years.

DIY Remedies for Ants

Many people will first attempt to get rid of the ants themselves with retail items or another technique on their own. Regrettably, these don’t always work, eliminating the individual worker ants you see and not targeting the many still hidden close by. Additionally, some items just deal with specific types of ants, so if you’re making use of the incorrect solution you likely won’t accomplish the results you expected.

The sooner you act against intruding, undesirable ants, the quicker you can have an ant-free property; contact us at (707)419-3099 today to see how we can help!